Soon You'll Buy Consoles the Way You Upgrade iPhones

Wired blickt in die Zukunft der Spielekonsolen und sieht smartphoneartige Ökosysteme und Produktzyklen:

Funny thing about game consoles: You can have the most successful product the world has ever seen and leave all of the competition in the dust, but the second the cycle ends and you release a new machine, everybody goes right back to the starting line. It didn’t matter that Sony sold 100 million PlayStation 2s—the second it released PlayStation 3, it was back to having an installed base of zero units. Brand loyalty will cause some of your consumers to come over, but as Sony found out (and then Microsoft after them), that’s not nearly enough to keep you on top of the heap.

As more and more gaming content goes digital, you have an even stronger incentive to stay with the same platform because of the sheer monetary value you’ll have built up in digital purchases tied to your account.

Diese Entwicklung wäre nur logisch, wobei sich der in meinen Augen größte Vorteil von Konsolen – deren technische Beständigkeit – nahezu komplett verpufft und es eigentlich keinen Grund mehr gibt nicht zu einem PC zu greifen.