Why Metal Gear Solid Matters

Oh ja, schon wieder Metal Gear – weil es nicht einfach nur irgendeine Videospielserie ist. Warum? Rock, Paper, Shotgun klärt auf:

These games are not a franchise. This is not a “universe” as we understand it in this age of the entertainment megabrand. They are not games created by a “frustrated film director”, as many fools have stated. The story, laid out flat, is beautiful and silly and brilliant and sad and horny and dumb and clever. But the story is also not the point. These games are pieces of pure expression. They are hot and frightening – intimidating digital forest fires lit by the greatest genius, and the greatest maverick, of one of the world’s youngest art forms.

Wer sich für den kulturellen Aspekt von Computerspielen interessiert, kommt an Metal Gear nicht vorbei.